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The  Ceramics Guild maintains a membership of about 35 part time to full time Potters.  The interests are from primitive firing methods to cone ten reduction work;  from hand building to wheel thrown;  from terra cotta to porcelain.  Workshops provide opportunities to learn and explore new areas of your art.

The Studio
The Studio consists of three rooms.  The main room has eight potter’s wheels, shelving, sinks and counter space, a large table for hand building, a slab roller, an extruder, a wedging table, glazes, glazing counter and each member is assigned a bin for personal storage.  The glaze lab contains chemicals, formulas and a Spray Booth.  There is a kiln room with shelving for all phases of work, three electric kilns and a large Brookfield Gas Kiln, which is propane fueled.  Behind the building outside, there is also a propane fueled Raku kiln.


Workshops are organized by members for the benefit of the Guild.  
Adult and Teen Classes are offered to the public with priority given to Guild members.

Opportunities to Sell
Members may sell their work at  a Ceramics sale in May, a Summer Sale  and a Holiday Marketplace in December.


Prospective Members
You must be a member of the Society in order to be eligible for membership to the Ceramics Guild.

As a prospective member one can use the Studio with a Guild member present.  Prospective members must be able to work independently.  They are required to mix glazes and run  electric firings with a Guild member.  They are also encouraged to attend Guild meetings, do a workshift at Guild Clean-up and to help with the Society Fundraiser and exhibits.

The Guild members will vote on a Prospective member for Membership upon completion of these requirements and after a minimum of three months. 

Member Requirements
To join the Ceramics Guild, one must first join the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society.  There is a required orientation meeting and dues are $160.00* per year to the Society.  Guild member dues are $100.00* per year and a one-time Kiln fee of $75.00*.  Each member is also required to donate a minimum of $100.00* of work or money to the Annual Fall Fair.  As a non-profit organization the Fair helps to support the building.  Membership, in both the Society and the Guild requires significant volunteer hours.  Each Guild member holds a job to help maintain the smooth operation of the Guild.  Members also work at semi-annual clean up days, help with the Annual Fair and take work shifts for the Society and Guild exhibits.  There are always extra activities for which one can volunteer, depending on one’s interests.