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FALL CLASSES (September-December)  

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CREATE A SONGBIRD with Jane Layton  (All Levels)

Looking for your inner sculptor?  You’ll learn both carving and painting skills while creating a Black-capped Chickadee from wood.   Tools and paints will be provided.
Maximum # of Students: 10  Any questions, contact Jane Layton at  781-259-9036.
New Students:  Please bring $15.00 for materials

               WEDNESDAY MORNINGS,  9:30am - Noon   
              FA15-Y01 - Sept. 9 – Nov. 11 (10 Sessions)
              Member   $164;  Non-Member   $209

 DISCOVERY WITH CLAY – Introduction to Ceramics with Cora Pucci  (Beginners to Intermediate)

Focus on a combination of hand-building and throwing on wheel, as well as mastering glazing techniques.  Excellent facilities and individual instruction by a professional studio potter.   Please inquire about openings.  Cora is more than happy to take names for a waiting list.  Maximum # of Students:  10

               WEDNESDAY EVENINGS , 6:00 - 9:00pm  
               FA15-C01 - Session 1: Sept. 9 – Oct. 28  (8 Sessions)     
               FA15-C02 -  Session 2:  Nov. 4 – Dec. 30  (8 sessions) (No Class:  Nov. 25)

               Member  $263*;  Non-Member  $308*    * Fee includes clay, glazes, firing

TEEN POTTERY with Lynne Fisher (Beginners-Intermediate) (Junior Membership is required)

Focus on both wheel and hand-building techniques, as well as decorating and glazing high fire stoneware. Please inquire about openings: Lynne will take names for a waiting list.  Maximum # of Students:  10
Contact the Society Office regarding openings and information about becoming a Junior Member at 781-862-9696.

               THURSDAY EVENINGS, 6:00 - 8:30pm   
               FA15-C03 - Sept. 10 – Nov. 12  (8 sessions)  
              Junior Member  $ 263*      * Fee includes clay, glazes, firing

CERAMICS FOR ADULTS  with Bet Lee     (All Levels Welcome)

In this class, under Bet’s guidance, students will focus on producing quality functional ware and creative sculptural pieces. Primary methods used will be throwing and hand building, as well as, concentrating on various techniques for finishing clay surfaces. In addition, depending on class interest, there will be the  opportunity to explore mixed media projects, and to learn to do raku firings. 

Students are advised to bring the following tools to class:  pin tool, cut off wire, basic wood tools, sponge and towel.  These items can be purchased at Playtime in Arlington, Portland Ceramics in Braintree, and other online sites.  Maximum # of Students:  10 per class

               SATURDAY MORNINGS, 8:30 - 11:30am 
               FA15-C04 – Session 1: Sept. 12 – Oct. 31 (8 Sessions)  
               FA15- C05 – Session 2: Nov. 7 -  Jan. 2, 2016 (No class: 11/28, 12/26) (8 Sessions)          
               Member  $263*;  Non-Member      $308*  * Fee includes clay, glazes, firing

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 OPEN STUDIO  with Michela Verani     (Beginner to Advanced)

Metal Clay is a relatively new product.  It consists of microscopic particles of  metal in a moist organic binder.  It is pliable like clay and is then fired in a kiln to burn off the binder and fuse the particles into a solid piece of metal.  In this metal clay open studio, projects will be presented that allow a beginning

student to acquire the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to work in metal clay.  The projects presented will also have versions that need an extra level of skills, allowing intermediate and advanced metal clay students to learn along with the beginner students.  Some project examples include hollow forms, made as simple 2-piece hollow forms for beginning students and complex  multilevel hollow forms for intermediate and advanced students.  Maximum # of Students: 10 per class

               MONDAY MORNINGS, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm 
               FA15-M01- Sept. 14 – Nov. 23 (No Class:  Oct. 12) (10 Sessions) 
               Metalworkers Guild Member  $288*;  Society Member  $318*;  Non-Member   $363*  
               * Fee includes lab & administrative fees


JEWELRY & SILVERSMITHING  with Liz Check   (Intermediate Adult)

Intermediate adult students will be instructed in improving craftsmanship in metalsmithing techniques including: sawing, filing, hammering, forming, sanding, surface embellishment, soldering, chain-making, bezel setting, etching, keum-boo, finishing and polishing.  Demonstrations will be provided for all techniques and for proper use of tools, including flexible shaft, rolling mill and buffing machine.  Instructor will assist students in project development to incorporate techniques learned.   Students are encouraged to bring design ideas and pictures to class. Maximum # of Students: 10 per class

               FA15-M02 - MONDAY EVENINGS, 6:30 - 9:30pm 
               Sept. 14 – Nov. 23 (No Class:  Oct. 12) (10 sessions)  

               FA15-M03 - THURSDAY EVENINGS, 6:30 - 9:30pm 
               Sept. 10 – Nov. 12 (10 sessions) 
               Metalworkers Guild Member   $215 *;  Society Member  $245*;  Non-Member   $290*  * Fee includes lab & administrative fees


METALSMITHING  with Joy Raskin    (Intermediate -  Advanced)

This class is more of a directed open studio class, so that students can work on their own projects.  Demos will be given at students' requests, and stone setting will be a big part of this class.   We will be focusing mainly on improving soldering skills, stone setting styles and working on designing.  Basic jewelry making skills are required for this class.  Maximum # of Students: 10 per class

               WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, 6:30 - 9:30pm 
               FA15-M04 -  Sept. 16-Dec. 2  (No class:  Sept. 23, Nov. 25) (10 Sessions) 
               Metalworkers Guild Member   $215*;  Society Member  $245*;  Non-Member    $290*     * Fee includes lab & administrative fees                             


VIKING CHAIN with Joy Raskin      (Intermediate -  Advanced)

In this one day workshop, we will learn to make the Viking chain, an ancient chain that is completely knitted by hand.  By knitting, we will make a tubular chain that is supple, lightweight, and beautiful to wear.  Variations on the Viking chain will be demonstrated.  Other methods, such as using a knitting spool, a crochet hook and the woven chain method that we will cover.  After we are done knitting our chains, we will draw them through a wooden drawplate to even out the chain and make it longer and thinner.  Lastly, we will finish off our chains, and tips will be given on endings, clasps, and jump rings.  We will be using 22gauge to 28gauge wire, either in copper or fine silver.  Instructor will provide wire for students to use and additional wire for purchase.  Maximum # of Students: 10 per class

               SUNDAY, 10:00am – 4 p.m. (one day workshop) 
               FA15-M05 -
  October 25 
               Metalworkers Guild Member  $96*;  Society Member  $102*;  Non-Member   $117*   
Cost of materials:  $35 per student,    included in class price.

DIRECTED OPEN STUDIO INTENSIVES with Laurie Savage  (Intermediate-Advanced)

This is an opportunity for adult students to work on independent projects.  Answers to questions and guidance from the instructor will be based on the needs and interests of the students.  Laurie also has great bench tips to help students create successful projects. 
Students provide their own materials.  Maximum # of students: 10

               FA15-M06 - Sunday, Sept. 27, 10am-5pm (one session) (bring lunch)
               FA15-M07 -  Saturday, Oct. 17, 10am-5pm (one session) (bring lunch) 
               FA15-M08 -  Sunday, Nov. 8, 10am-5pm (one session) (bring lunch) 
               FA15-M09  -  Saturday, Dec. 5, 10am-5pm (one session) (bring lunch)

               Metalworkers Guild Member  $50*;  Society Member   $56*;  Non-Member   $71*  (*Non          
               Members must get the instructor’s approval to take this class.  Contact the LACS Office  at 781-862-9696)

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with Paul George       (All Levels)   

This is a great class for the beginner or intermediate student or to just review oil painting methods and procedures. Paul will cover the basics of painting in oils, including understanding materials, mixing clean color notes, color, values and composition and design. He will support his teaching with demonstrations, one-on-one instruction and critiques.   You will work from Still Life and Photos.  This is an opportunity to build a strong foundation in painting.  Maximum # of Students: 12

               MONDAY MORNINGS,  9:30am – 12:00pm 
               FA15-P01 - Sept. 21– Nov. 16 (No Class:  Oct. 19)  (8 Sessions) 
               Painters Guild Member   $263;  Society Member   $278;  Non-Member   $323


WATERCOLOR PAINTING   with Paul George  (All Levels)

Award winning artist Paul George’s classes are loaded with great information and are motivating for both the beginner and the experienced painter. You will paint your photos or still life, but he will teach you how to approach any subject and design to execute a good painting that glows with light and color. You’ll begin with a complete look at values and how to use them to simplify, design and improve your painting.   Paul believes that design-composition is the most important part of any painting.  You will learn how to use it to add power and punch that make your paintings come alive. He will support each subject with talks, painting demonstrations and with personal one-on-one support.  Each class will end with complete critique.   Maximum # of Students: 12

               MONDAY AFTERNOONS, 12:30 – 3:00pm 
               FA15-P02 - Sept. 21 – Nov. 16  (No Class:  Oct. 19)  (8 Sessions)   
               Painters Guild Member  $263;  Society Member   $278;  Non-Member  $323


ACRYLIC PAINTING  with Maris Platais, ASMA/AAA    (All Levels)

Experience the magic and versatility of this fast drying medium. Through demonstrations and one-on-one critiques, Maris will bring out the best in each student. Color mixing, brush work and composition will be emphasized, using imagination and reference materials of your choice.  Oil painters are welcome.  Maximum # of Students: 12

               TUESDAY MORNINGS, 9:30am - Noon  
               FA15-P03 - Sept. 8 – Nov. 3 (No Class:  Oct. 20) (8 Sessions)  
               Painters Guild Member  $244;  Society Member  $259;  Non-Member  $304

PASTELS  -  NUTS AND BOLTS & MORE  with Dianne Levine      (All Levels Welcome) Have a great time with soft pastels.  It is a medium which does not have to dry and is ready for use when you wish.  Colors are as soft or as brilliant as you want.  Individual projects will be emphasized. Max # of Students: 12

               TUESDAY AFTERNOONS, 12:30 - 3:30pm 
               FA15-P04 - Sept. 8 – Nov. 3 (No Class:  Oct. 20) (8 Sessions)   
               Painters Guild Member   $235;  Society Member  $250;  Non-Member  $295


FIGURE DRAWING with Janet Monafo  (All Levels) (Adults and Teens*)  (*Junior Membership required)

This course will focus on gaining an understanding of the structure of the figure, achieved through study of the planes, the perspective and the line relationships.  This information is necessary for representing the human form in any medium.  The poses will range for 5-20 minutes, according to the needs of the class.  Maximum # of Students:  15

               TUESDAYS, 6:30pm-9:00pm  
               FA15-P05 – Sept. 8 – Nov. 3  (No Class:  Oct. 20) (8 sessions) 
               New Class – Special Introductory Price: 
               Painters Guild Member  $262*;  Society Member   $267*;  Non-Member  $287* 
               *Cost of model is included in class price.



Experienced watercolor teacher Sue Nordhausen’s classes are both welcoming and enriching for either the novice or experienced watercolor enthusiast.  Students are encouraged, when composing a scene from reference material, to interpret rather than copy, and thus enhance what is seen in nature.  Emphasis is placed on the use of value to draw the eye to the center of interest. Students are also taught how to mix rich colors directly on the paper, as well as how to handle the layering of colors in the glazing technique.  Each class begins with a demonstration and a class goal, and then each student is free to decide how to proceed.  Individual consultation is provided to support each student’s endeavors.  Maximum # of students: 12

               WEDNESDAY MORNINGS, 9:30 am – Noon 
               FA15-P06 - Sept. 9 – Nov. 11  (No Class:  Sept 30 & Oct. 21)  (8 sessions) 
               Painters Guild Member  $186;  Society Member  $201;  Non-Member  $246

with D’Ann Brownrigg   (All Levels)

Learn to relax and focus on enjoying the joining of  water and paint on paper to produce colorful, lively, transparent paintings.  Paint a subject that interests you in a way that reflects your own personality. Still lifes and reference photos are available or bring your own reference material.  We discuss basic techniques  and design strategies and usually start each class with a short demo.  Maximum # of Students:  12

               WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS, 12:30 - 3:00pm 
               FA15-P07- Sept. 9 – Nov. 4  (No Class:  Oct. 21) (8 Sessions) 
               Painters Guild Member   $198;  Society Member   $213;  Non-Member   $258


WATERCOLOR PAINTING  with Andrew Kusmin, NWS  (Intermediate to Advanced)

Take your painting to a new level and enhance your personal signature. With instructional critiques, individual attention, and emphasis on composition and light, Andrew will reinforce what you already do well and help you build on your talent, enabling you to create “paintings with a presence.”  Maximum # of Students: 12

               FA15-P08 – Thursday Morning, 9:30am-noon 
               Sept. 10 – Nov. 5 (No Class:  Oct. 22) (8 Sessions)

               FA15-P09– Thursday Afternoon, 12:30-3:00pm
               Sept. 10 – Nov. 5 (No Class:  Oct. 22)  (8 Sessions)

               Painters Guild Member   $263;  Society Member  $278;  Non-Member  $323

PAINTING IN A SERIES: DEVELOP YOUR CREATIVITY with Chetana Keltcher (Intermediate/Advanced)

In this class, the student will come to understand the elements of design (line, size, shape, direction, color, value, texture) and composition through series painting.  Painting in a series means painting the exact same subject for the duration of the course.   A familiarity with the subject develops and the artist is able to look beyond it and explore the design elements.  Each class will consist of a lecture, compositional drawings and a critique. You will do two large paintings at home, based on the principals covered and bring it for critique the next class.  In the final class, we will look at everyone's creativity journey.   All mediums (watercolor, pastel, oil, acrylic, mixed media) are welcome, but the instructor paints primarily in watercolor and pastel.   The class is based on Mike Bailey’s “Watercolor Beyond the Obvious”.  Maximum # of students: 10

               THURSDAYS, 6:30-9:00 pm 
               FA15-P10 – Sept. 10 – Nov. 5 (No Class:  Oct. 22)  (8 sessions) 
               New Class –Special Introductory Price: 
               Painters Guild   $198;  Society   $203;  Non-Member  $223


LEARNING TO SEE, LEARNING TO DRAW with Judith Cooper (Beginner/Intermediate)

This class will show you how to draw what you see.  Sharpen your ability to perceive what you’re looking at.  Learn the drawing techniques that will allow you to produce not only the image of what you see, but also to capture the essence of the object.  The instructor will guide you through the acquisition of basic drawing skills and show you how to translate these skills into a cohesive drawing. Maximum # of students: 10

               FRIDAY AFTERNOONS, 1:00-3:30 PM 
               FA15-P11- SEPT. 11- NOV. 13(No Class:  Oct. 23 & Nov. 6) (8 Sessions) 
               New Offering-Special Introductory Price: 
               Painters Guild Member  $271;  Society Member  $276;  Non-Member  $296


STEP BY STEP – A Beginners Guide to Watercolor Painting with Bill Bright  (Beginners) 
(Adult and Teen*)(*Junior Membership required)

This class is a great way to give watercolors a try!  Learn to handle and mix watercolors by painting different scenes taught step-by-step.  There will also be talks about painting with “warm” and ‘cool” colors.  An instruction sheet will be provided.  Maximum # of Students: 10

               SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, 1:00-3:00 pm 
               FA15- P12 - Sept. 12 – Nov. 7 (No Class: Sept 26, Oct. 24 & 31) (6 Sessions) 
               New Class-Special Introductory Price: 
               Painters Guild Member  $119*;  Society Member  $128*;  Non-Member  $148*  
               * includes $5 materials fee

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MATTING AND FRAMING WORKSHOP  with Bob Warshawer, MCPF  (All Levels Welcome)

Do-it-yourself matting and framing can be a thrifty and rewarding experience. This demonstration and hands-on workshop will cover:   material selection; mat design, layout, cutting and decoration.  Emphasis will be on techniques using economically acquired tools suitable for the amateur framer.  Attendees will have an opportunity to try the different mat cutters being demonstrated.  If you already have a mat cutter and are having problems, bring the cutter and a sample of  the problem so Bob will help you solve it.  Additionally, frame and glazing selection will be discussed. Maximum # of Students:  5 

Some materials included in fee, i.e.:  matt boards, handouts, book.  Other materials/tools may be available for purchase.  BRING LUNCH

               SATURDAY,  10:00 am- 4:00 pm (One Session) 
               FA15-P13-  Sept, 26 
               Member  $94*;   Non-Member  $109* 
               *Includes $25 for Materials to be provided by Instructor

CHINESE BRUSH PAINTING  with Ma Qingxiong  Adults and Teens* (*Junior Membership required)

This course will introduce the basics of Chinese brush painting. Students will explore landscape with the traditional Chinese brush painting techniques. Using freehand brushwork, the emphasis will be on expressiveness, individual interpretation and abstraction through exaggeration. Students will use ink, watercolor, and gouache on rice paper to create wonderful visual effects. This class will learn trees, rocks, and simple painting, like autumn or winter scenery.  Maximum # of Students:  12

               SATURDAY & SUNDAY, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm  Feel free to bring a lunch 
               FA15-P14- Oct. 31 – Nov. 1  (2 DAY – WORKSHOP) 
               Painters Guild Member  $137;  Society Member  $143;  Non-Member  $163


WEDNESDAY NITES ~ FIGURE DRAWING GROUP     Coordinated by Cathy Keller    

Maximum # of Students:  15  For information about this group and joining the Society, please call the Office 781-862-9696.

               WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, 7:00-10:00pm   
               Sept. 9, 16, 23; Oct. 7, 14;  Nov. 4, 11  (7 Sessions)    
               Drop In Rate:    Members:   $15* per session ;  Non-Members:   $20* per session 
               *covers professional model, studio fee & Society administrative fees

FRIDAY MORNING ~ OPEN PORTRAIT GROUP   Coordinated by Sara Sue Pennell

Members paint with each other in a relaxed, congenial environment. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  For information about this group, please contact: Sara Sue Pennell at 781-862-8180  Maximum # of Participants12 

               FRIDAY MORNINGS, 9:30 am - 12:30pm 
               Sept. 11– Nov. 13 (no meeting on Oct. 23) 
               Group shares cost of model:  Society Members: $10;  Non-Members: $15



Members paint with each other in a relaxed, congenial environment.  (No instruction.  There may be costs associated with  bringing in professional demonstrators during this period to be determined by the group.)  NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  Please contact Office to inquire for information about joining the Society 781-862-9696 or by email:    Maximum # of Participants:  12      

               FRIDAY EVENINGS, 6:30 - 9:00 pm  
               Sept. 11 – Nov. 13 (no meeting on Oct. 23)



Members paint with each other in a relaxed, congenial environment.   (No instruction.  There may be costs associated with bringing in professional demonstrators during this period - to be determined by the group.)  NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  Please contact Office to inquire for  information about joining the Society 781-862-9696 or by email:

               SUNDAYS, 4:00-7:00pm 
               Sept. 27, Oct. 4,  Nov. 1 & 8

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WOODWORKING OPEN SHOP with Annette Sophie Lippert  (Intermediate/Advanced, Adults only)

This woodworking/furniture-making open shop class allows students to build projects of their own choice/selection with guidance from the instructor about design, joinery and construction techniques.  The course also focuses on individual review of machine safety (both general and specific to the project), making jigs and honing hand tool skills.  It is recommended that projects be discussed with the instructor prior to the lumber purchase, so that project details/complexities and tool needs can be clarified.  Students should bring the lumber/hardware and hand tools they will need for their projects.  Maximum # of Students:  6

               MONDAYS, 6:30-9:30 pm 
               FA15-Y02 - Sept. 14 – Nov. 9  (No Class:  Oct. 12) (8 Sessions) 
               New Class-Special Introductory Price: 
               Woodworkers Guild Member   $225;  Society Member  $245;  Non-Member  $270


FLAT EDGE TOOL SHARPENING with Annette Lippert  (Adults, only)

The flat edge tool sharpening class will focus primarily on chisel sharpening (if  time allows, sharpening of other flat edge tools, such as hand plane blades, shoulder plane blades, etc., can be discussed). The class will cover sharpening stones (oil, water and diamond), bench grinders and sharpening techniques, both of new / used chisels, as well as maintaining the sharp edge of a tool that has already been sharpened in the past.  A handout outlining the sharpening steps will be provided. 

Attendees should bring several chisels, hand planes, etc., although they will likely only fully sharpen one chisel during the class. They should also bring their sharpening stone(s), honing oil (if using oil stones) and rags. Optional tools to bring are a combination square (e.g. and protractor with arm (e.g.
Maximum # of Students:   8

               SATURDAY, 9:00am – 3:30 pm  (1/2-hr lunch break, BRING LUNCH) (1 session) 
               FA15-Y03 –SEPT. 26 
               New Class: Special Introductory Price: 
               Woodworkers Guild Member  $56;  Society Member    $64;  Non-Member    $79

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